Minute to Win It Halloween

Tonight we celebrated Halloween at Tom and Jamie’s Minute to Win It party. Check out these awesome costumes!


Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox


Zhexin as his fantasy football team’s collective injuries, and Mrs. Potato Head


Cap’n Crunch and Big Al the dog catcher


Salt and Pepper

Jamie made scrumptiously spooky ghost and jack o’lantern cake balls.


The highlight of the night was watching everyone look ridiculous while playing Minute to Win It games. The best games were:


Noodling Around: Thread 6 pieces of penne pasta on a long spaghetti noodle using only your mouth. Finally, a game where being short is an advantage!


Face the Cookie: Move a cookie from your forehead to your mouth using only your facial muscles. Mike is a champ at any sport involving cookies and was the only one to score a point on this one.


How’s it Hangin’: Move an orange across the room using a banana hanging from your waist. Words of wisdom for future players – don’t tie the banana to your belt loop. I learned the hard way that this technique just doesn’t work.


Sadly, due to a few mishaps, Mike and I came in second to last. Rematch soon? You bet.

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