An Engagement to Remember

We’re going to deviate from food for tonight for a very important family update…How many chicks do you know who are brave enough to propose to their boyfriends?

I can officially say that I know one.

This weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in a truly unique and special proposal. My brother-in-law Jim’s girlfriend Katie proposed to him, and he said yes! She did a great job planning the proposal, recruiting family and friends to come, and managing to keep it a secret for months.

The cheering section waited eagerly in a suite at Treasure Island Casino for Jim and Katie to get back from an afternoon of wine tasting. We decorated the room, tried on our shirts and rehearsed our lineup so there was no doubt “Will You Marry Me” would be in the right order.


Once we got the call that they were within range, the crowd went silent and the excitement in the room was palpable. Katie made Jim close his eyes as they entered into the room. She whispered her proposal to him, and he said yes!


As he opened his eyes, Jim was shocked to see all of us there waiting to celebrate. Jim and Katie are clearly so happy together, and it was really special to be there to watch them get engaged. We had a champagne toast and partied the night away.


I am in awe of Katie’s fearlessness! She is truly one courageous lady, and I’m very excited she’ll be joining the Hearne clan.

Congratulations Jim and Katie!


  1. joannmarielee03

    I have to agree…not many chicks do propose to their honeys. Katie is one of a kind as she loves to be very different. I have been lucky enough to have been a part of her life since she was 11 years old and I have seen many things that she has accomplished but this was the BEST by far. They both are so happy…true happiness and love isn’t something that you always see that lasts a lifetime but with these two…we will see it. Thanks Jim for being a huge part of Katies life. As Katie has told me “Jims family loves me so much”…Jim we also love you as much as your family loves Katie. ❤

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