Thanksgiving #1, 2012

This year, we are lucky to have numerous opportunities to enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Since Thanksgiving is our collective favorite holiday, this makes us two very happy cooks. The first of these feasts was last night with Mike’s parents Tom and Leanne, brother Jim and brother’s brand new fiancé Katie.

Leanne made the famous Hearne sausage stuffing and homemade mashed potatoes. She managed to cook it all one-handed since she broke her arm a few weeks ago – she never ceases to amaze! The turkey was compliments of Byerly’s. It was all very delicious and satisfying on a Sunday night.

Katie decided to enjoy her Thanksgiving fixings in the form of a southern Minnesotan delicacy, The Turkey Commercial. Here’s how it works: make a turkey sandwich, pile it high with mashed potatoes, and smother the whole thing in gravy. I had never heard of such a concept. Curious, I consulted Google. While I didn’t find anything on the Turkey Commercial, I did find “Beef, Bread, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy,” a blog devoted entirely to the subject of the Beef Commercial.

I brought dessert – Betty Crocker’s Pumpkin Cookies with Browned Butter Frosting. These cookies are nothing short of fabulous. The cookie is a soft, cinnamon-laden pillow that serves as a vehicle for the browned butter frosting, otherwise known as crack. I’m fairly certain the ladies of the Betty Crocker Kitchens were inspired by this version from D’Amico and Sons inside our headquarters. To say the least, these cookies create a sensation every year.

Our first Thanksgiving of 2012 was wonderful, and I can’t wait for more!



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