Hummus x2

You’ve had hummus. You probably enjoyed it, too. But I’m telling you, the packaged stuff just cannot compare to the freshly made, creamy, garlic-laden and satisfying original version.  It’s an entirely different food.

In Israel, hummus is the house specialty of all kinds of restaurants. It comes in a large bowl drizzled with olive oil, with the option of adding several toppings or none at all. It hardly bears a resemblance to the grocery store variety.

Here’s a beautiful example I found of what you might see in Israel:


Israeli Hummus

 I’ve had hummus on my mind lately, and decided to try to make my own. Since Ina Garten is my girl, I chose her simple but delicious recipe. If you have chickpeas, a food processor and enough patience to ask the grocery store clerk where to find Tahini, you’re all set. I bet you already have everything else in your kitchen right now to make your own smooth and creamy hummus. This recipe is a winner – I couldn’t stop nibbling as I tried to put it away in the fridge.

Inas Hummus

To keep things interesting, I also decided to try a close cousin of hummus, Ina’s Mashed Chickpea Spread. Imagine a chunky version of hummus with tomatoes, parsley and parmesan cheese. It was good but a bit too salty, and really not as wonderful as plain old fresh hummus.

Inas Chickpea Spread

Until we eat again,

Two Happy Cooks

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