El Plato Supreme

Mike and I entertained for “The Big Game” on Sunday. My colleagues in marketing will appreciate this video, which explains the title of this post and accurately depicts a normal day in most of our lives.

This was our first gathering in the new house, and it was a success thanks to great friends who brought amazing food, Mike’s hacker-like tendencies, and fried chicken.


Our friends are talented and creative cooks. Among the delicacies they brought were Buffalo Chicken Dip, Seven Layer Taco Dip, Southwestern Egg Rolls, many types of homemade salsa, brie with Kahlua, cookies filled with Nutella and topped with sea salt, miniature football cookies and brownies. Mike and I supplemented with cheese dip, mac and cheese and more homemade brownies. I would be shocked if anyone left hungry.


A big highlight of the party was having enough space for everyone to comfortably spread out. This was a treat after several hot, cramped nights entertaining in our 1-bedroom apartment. Mike hooked up his laptop to stream on an extra TV so we could use our new dining room and still have everyone enjoy the game.  It worked out quite nicely.


The true star of our party, I believe, was the fried chicken. I ventured all the way to Anoka to pick up 50 pieces of the Colonel’s own original and extra crispy varieties. Fried chicken just makes me happy, and I think most others would agree.


Until we eat again,

Two Happy Cooks


  1. Allison O.

    Such an amazing Super Bowl party! Thanks for hosting in your beautiful new home! Beyonce won the Super Bowl right?

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