Cakie Pops

My manager Sara is a baking diva. She’s always bringing in outrageous treats for us to enjoy at the office, claiming to be a “stress baker.” One of her specialties is Cake Pops, or “Cakie Pops,” as designated by her toddler son Bennett.

Inspired by Sara, I tried my hand at making cake pops and brought them to Erica’s Heart Party on Saturday night. The process of making cake pops is almost as fun as actually eating them.


I borrowed these fantastic “Bake Pop” pans from Sara for the project. Rather than making cake, crumbling and mixing with frosting, this pan allows you to actually bake perfect balls of cake. It’s simple to do:

  1. Take a box of cake mix
  2. Prepare according to the package, except add an extra egg, a box of coordinating instant pudding mix, swap water for milk and use half as much as the box calls for
  3. Bake for 15-ish minutes


The excess comes out of the holes at the top of the pan. It’s pretty fun to watch them erupt like little volcanos. After a bit of freezing and trimming, you just coat each pop with chocolate candy coating and you’re ready to go. Being seasonally appropriate, I made red velvet with white frosting and yellow cake with pink frosting.


The cake pops were only one of many incredible desserts at Erica’s Heart Party. As usual, she seriously overachieved and made pink chocolate chip cookies, truffles with pop rocks, red velvet cupcakes and bread pudding. It was an adorable, tasty and fun event.





Until we eat again,

Two Happy Cooks


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