Spring Fling

If we’re being honest, the real reason Mike wanted to buy a house was so he could have a grill. It finally warmed up above freezing this weekend, which was reason enough for us to fire it up. We invited over our good friends Tom, Jamie, Katie and Zhexin for an impromptu “it’s finally spring” BBQ.

Mike’s parents had ordered these fancy Snake River Farms Wagyu beef hamburgers and hotdogs as a gift for some of their friends here in Minnesota. When it turned out their friends were out of town, Mike and I were happy to put them to good use. Continuing my Foodie education from the Hearnes, I learned that “Wagyu” is American Kobe beef. According to Snake River Farms’ Web site, “Wagyu refers to all Japanese beef cattle (“Wa” meaning Japanese-style and “gyu” meaning cattle,) while Kobe indicates the area in Japan where these cattle originate.”  Fun new fact for the day!

A good BBQ isn’t complete without some sides and desserts. I whipped up a lesser known but quite handy General Mills product – Suddenly Salad. I dressed it up a bit with this recipe for Garden Ranch Pasta Salad, which I remembered from a project I worked on a few years ago. Who knew that Ranch dressing and pasta salad was a thing?

It was still a little cold to actually roast marshmallows over the grill, so I made some S’mores Brownies. These didn’t take much more time or effort than making a pan of boxed brownies, but they were so much more fun to cook and eat.

Here’s to more BBQs now that spring is finally (fingers crossed!) here.

Until We Eat Again,

Two Happy Cooks

Burgers and Dogs

Burgers and Dogs

Suddenly Salad! Most fun General Mills product name ever.

Suddenly Salad! Most fun General Mills product name ever.


S'more Brownie... Nom Nom Nom

S’more Brownie… Nom Nom Nom

Yours Truly

Yours Truly


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