Smoking Isn’t Always Bad for You

wsm_cutawayOn Saturday night, Alli and I were very pleased to welcome one of our first into the world.  First … smoker that is.  It is a Weber Smokey Mountain 22.5” smoker.  I know what you’re saying, “WOAH!”  The thing is one of the best consumer smokers out there (at least of the of the ones under $1000).  Laura and Alli picked it up from Bachmans in Laura’s SUV (thanks Laura), while I got stocked up on supplies from Costco.

Bright and early on Sunday, I got up and started cooking the ribs.  Alli and I both love ribs.  Alli is used to awesome BBQ given her Kansas City roots.  I didn’t have it too bad either.  My mom had variety of recipes, perhaps the best one is called Rattlesnake Ribs, which includes a homemade rub, sauce, and mop.  I opted for a simpler recipe called “Last Meal Ribs” by a guy nicknamed  Meathead that runs  We had to test whether these really were something I would order as my last meal.

While I was smoking, Alli added some wonderful roasted veggies (thanks to our dear friend Martha) as a side with dinner.  Finally after six plus hours, the rubbing, smoking, wrapping, basting, and tasting were complete.  In case you were wondering, I’m pouring diet coke over the ribs to help tenderize them.  It’s a method called the Texas Crutch.  The verdict… maybe not my last meal, but somewhere in the last week for sure.  Yum!

wsm 008

wsm 015   wsm 017

Until we eat again,

Two Happy Cooks


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