Cookies & Cream

I am powerless against a good bowl of ice cream. I blame my family for this weakness.

My 94-year-old Grandpa Phil ate a heaping bowl of ice cream every night for the majority of his adult life, claiming his car would automatically turn into the Braum’s parking lot without his consent. In my house growing up, we ended dinner most nights with Edy’s slathered in Hershey’s syrup. My dad and brother are both former ice cream industry employees, having both worked on the inside at ice cream shops during high school.

Here in the Twin Cities, Mike and I love everything from Sebastian Joe’s to Culvers. But recently, I’ve wanted to try my hand at making my own ice cream. We got a Cuisinart ice cream maker for our wedding and took it for its maiden voyage yesterday. My takeaway from this experience: if you can push a button, you can make really good ice cream.

The key is to make sure your bowl is good and cold – Cuisinart recommends leaving it in the freezer for 24 hours before you start.


We used this great mix from Williams Sonoma – all you have to do is add half and half and heavy cream. You pour it into the machine, flip it on and let it do its thing. Happily, the machine only has one button that says “on” and “off” – it’s fool proof!


You can add your choice of mix-ins about 15 minutes into the process – we dropped in Oreos to make cookies and cream. Five more minutes of mixing, and voila – you’ve got ice cream.


We also got this reusable pint-sized storage container. While it’s adorable, it’s not as functional as I had hoped because it’s difficult to open if you have small hands like me. We see as a pretty major flaw – easy access to the ice cream is critical.


Until We Eat Again,

Two Happy Cooks



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