L’dor Vador

Happy 13th birthday and a big Mazel Tov to my cousin Matthew on becoming a Bar Mitzvah this weekend!

For those of you not as familiar, a Bar Mitzvah is when a 13 year old Jewish boy reads from the Torah for the first time. It is a rite of passage signifying he is now a young adult.

The title of this post, L’dor Vador, means from generation to generation. My favorite part of the ceremony was when the Torah was passed from grandparents to parents to Matthew, symbolizing the passing of knowledge and values to the next generation.

Of course, the majority of the weekend was spent celebrating (re: eating) with our extended family and friends. The food could best be described as Jewish/Soul Food fusion. There was food ranging from lox, bagels and blintzes to fried chicken and even a whole tray of bacon. All Matthew really cared about was that the food contained no GMO’s – he’s very socially conscious for a 13 year old.

There’s not much better than weekends like this spent celebrating and catching up with family.

Until we nosh again,

Two Happy Cooks









  1. Lisa Edley


    Beautiful photos! We heard it was a fantastic weekend, we are sorry we had to miss it. Hope you and Mike are well!


    Sent from my iPhone

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