Tuesday Night Dinner Party

Tonight our friends Andrew and Kelly joined us for dinner. These guys are no joke – they drove to Minneapolis all the way from Boston, stopping along the way to see landmark American sights like Michael Jackson’s childhood home. The least we could do was whip up something for dinner.


The star of the show tonight was Grilled Corn Crostini, recipe courtesy of my friend and coworker Sam. You may remember Sam from his appearance in the Thirsty Thursday post. He and his wife Jess are fabulous cooks, and he’s right that this recipe is stellar. If you love grilled corn (and really why wouldn’t you), you have to give this a try.


Sadly, we didn’t get to marinate our chicken for Chicken Satay last night as I would have hoped. Luckily, our Food Saver came to the rescue. The Food Saver was a wedding gift from Mike’s brother Jim who is a real live chef. Being a gadget geek, Mike was thrilled to have an excuse to break it out. Best as I understand it, the machine sucks the air out of the container holding the food, allowing the marinade to do its thing faster than it would have otherwise.


We rounded out the night with some Rolo Cookies – you can’t really go wrong with chewy chocolate and caramel.


The great thing about this menu is we prepared everything except the cookies within an hour and a half of our guests’ arrival – perfect for a Tuesday night dinner party.

Until We Eat Again,

Two Happy Cooks

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