Keep On Truckin’

I brown bagged it for lunch Monday through Thursday of this week. This was a first for me since starting work at General Mills more than five years ago. It was part of a challenge my coworkers and I accepted to see what it’s like to pack lunch for kids every day. The rules: no microwaves, no refrigerator, and no buying extras once you get to work.

After four straight days of room temperature turkey sandwiches, pretzels, hummus and carrots, I have a lot more respect for parents and kids who do this every day. How you manage to keep things tasty, interesting and free of foodborne illnesses amazes and continues to evade me. I would love to hear your tips on the subject below.

Needless to say, I was in desperate need of a menu change.

I ended my week of lunches with an outstanding food truck experience downtown. I met up with my former colleague Rebecca who works for a digital marketing agency. As I first timer to the downtown Minneapolis food truck scene, I found this great guide that outlines the options.



We strolled down Marquette and took it all in before deciding what to eat. I opted for Hola Arepa which sells awesome Venezuelan sandwiches on fresh cornmeal buns. I also tried some of their cucumber lemonade, which was a fun and unexpected combination. Rebecca is vegan and went with one of her faves, Foxy Falafel.




We also ran into former Mills employee Amol Dixit who now runs Hot Indian Foods. I’ve eaten this before and it is out of this world. Definitely recommend trying it if you get the chance.


Until We Eat Again,

Two Happy Cooks



  1. Kate Byers (@katebyersrd)

    I admittedly have a refrigerator at work when I bring my lunch and I don’t have to pack lunch for Hailey often, but I have to say that my saving grace when I do is bento boxes and ice packs in a Built neoprene bag. I can’t imagine just packing in a paper bag…I’d be afraid to send anything that might spoil and that would definitely get boring!

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