Look to the Cookie

I remember trying black and white cookies on my first trip to NYC when I was 15. I fell in love with the soft, sugary and gigantic treats that give you countless options for enjoyment: chocolate, vanilla, or both at the same time! Seinfeld tells us if people would just “look to the cookie,” all our problems would be solved.

My parents came to visit for Labor Day weekend and I gave this Smitten Kitchen recipe a try. It’s fantastic. Together the four of us ate a whole lot of cookies this weekend. You’ll see some pics of us below walking around the Mill City museum in between rounds of cookies.

I learned from Smitten Kitchen that the cookies are so soft because they’re actually made with cake batter. Bakeries used to use their left over cake batter, add a little extra flour and voila, black and whites.

One word of caution – I recommend recruiting a friend to help frost these. The recipe made 50 cookies and it took a lot of time and patience to finish the job.

Until We Eat Again,

Two Happy Cooks






One comment

  1. Leanne Hearne

    Hi Two Cooks,

    The cookies look great. The pictures of you and the family are wonderfull. Love the cookbook.

    Love, Mamma Hearne

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