Italian food can take many forms. I discovered one of my favorites tonight.

Mike and I visited Cossetta, a small Italian food empire in downtown St. Paul. We’d had the food before, once in the form of catering at our friends Al and Jen’s rehearsal dinner, and another time at Louis, the grown up, white tablecloth joint upstairs from the deli. But, we had never had the true Cossetta’s experience.

The place was just packed with cowboys and cowgirls pre-gaming before the Blake Shelton concert. We avoided the long line and went for the pizzeria. To my delight, they also sell mini cannoli and arancini in the pizza line. Arancini are fried risotto balls – Cossetta’s come in a bowl of insanely good tomato sauce that you just want to slurp up with a spoon.

After dinner, we wandered through the grocery and pastry sections of the store. The pastry case is gorgeous and I’ll be going back soon to try their gelato. At the grocery, we sampled some speck, prosciutto and olives.

Cossetta’s is not just delicious but also super relaxed and fun to explore. This is Italian at it’s best.

Until We Eat Again ,
Two Happy Cooks








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