Taste of India

Over the past few years, Mike and I have become friends with several coworkers, classmates and neighbors from India. Below is a picture of Mike at our neighborhood ice cream social – as part of “team pasty,” you can see that we are in the minority on our street. We love learning from these incredibly friendly people about their rich culture, and hope to one day visit India in person. Until then, we eat and experiment with Indian food.

Our go-to spot for takeout or a lunch buffet is India Palace in Plymouth. Our neighbors are not big fans of this place so it’s probably not all that authentic, but it tastes good to us. Tip for my General Mills coworkers – you can get 15% off if you show your GMI badge at India Palace. We picked up some butter chicken, chicken tikka masala and garlic naan for dinner last night, and had almost, but not quite enough for a second dinner tonight. So, we decided to supplement.

I found a little Indian market near our house called India Corner, and decided to check it out. The owner was approachable and patient, happy to point out the best brand of frozen naan to an Indian market rookie like myself. If you go to an Indian market, I highly recommend trying Parampara, which was acquired by General Mills recently and is the Indian version of a Taco seasoning packet.

We sautéed some broccoli, peapods, tomatoes and paneer with a Parampara Curry Masala packet. Side note – paneer fascinates me, it is the only cheese I’ve ever seen that doesn’t melt. We also popped some frozen naan into the oven for 2 minutes, microwaved our leftovers, and voila – dinner was served. Hopefully one day soon I’ll graduate from spice packets and learn how to make some fresh, homemade Indian food. Until then, this was pretty good!

Until We Eat Again,
Two Happy Cooks








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