The Art and Science of BBQ

All my life, I’ve chowed down on killer BBQ from great places in KC and Oklahoma. Having a smoker has given me a new level of appreciation for the art and science of BBQ. You’d be amazed how much commitment goes into this delicious stuff. It takes equipment, tinkering, patience, and most of all time. But honestly, there’s nothing like tender, smokey, homemade BBQ. Good things like this are worth the effort.

Our most recent smoking endeavor started 48 hours ago when we moved chicken breasts, thighs and a pork shoulder from the freezer to the fridge. The shoulder wasn’t quite defrosted, and as much as we love BBQ, we didn’t want to stay up all night. Never one to let an opportunity to use a gadget pass, Mike cut it in half with an electric knife to speed things up.

We made some of this Memphis Dust rub to slather all over everything. Mike used the coffee grinder to create some rosemary powder – it worked perfectly. Then, he got up close and personal with the meat, smearing it on all sides with the rub and a little vegetable oil.

We put the chicken, pork, a digital remote thermometer and some soaked apple wood chips in the Smokey Mountain. And then we waited, monitored the temp, added charcoal, waited and monitored some more. And by we, I mean Mike.

The chicken was done in a couple of hours. The pork took all afternoon and then some, almost 8 hours in total. And it was all good enough that we didn’t even add sauce before digging in.

Finger licking good.

Until We Eat Again,
Two Happy Cooks










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