Dinner in Kenwood

Last night, we went to dinner at the home of Mike’s coworker Elizabeth and her husband Matt. They live in Kenwood, one of the most beautiful, centrally located and all around desirable areas of Minneapolis.

In short, these people do it up right.

Everything about Elizabeth and Matt’s character-filled and flawlessly edited house has a story. The massive deck with built in seating, and the cute bookshelves upstairs? Matt’s a woodworker and built them from the shop in their garage. The elegant sculptural centerpiece on the table? Those are antlers, and Elizabeth and Matt picked them up on their honeymoon in South Africa. The fresh tomatoes in the salad? You guessed it – hyper local, grown on premises in their garden.

Mike and I picked up some cheese from Lund’s that we nibbled on while Elizabeth prepped dinner. All of her recipes were sourced from The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. From the people who publish Cook’s Illustrated, each America’s Test Kitchen recipe has been tested and retested, and is guaranteed to be superb. I determined over the course of the night that I must buy this cookbook

Elizabeth, shown below in her sweet onion goggles, made a hearty beef stroganoff like I’ve never had before. For dessert, we had some spiced zucchini bread with Sebastian Joe’s vanilla ice cream. We washed it all down with some good red wine courtesy of Andrew – Francophile and aspiring sommelier who also happens to be Mike’s coworker.

All in all, an inspired and wonderful night. Thanks Elizabeth and Matt!

Until We Eat Again,
Two Happy Cooks






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