Keep Calm and Curry On

Much to our delight, soup season has arrived.

As the temperatures dipped into the low 50s this week, the time was right to stir the pot on our weeknight dinners. It’s warm, tasty, makes the house smell good, and is just as satisfying to prepare as it is to eat. Making soup makes me happy.

Not only do we like soup, but we love the flavors, complexity and spice of Thai food. Our old standby combining the two is this Red Curry Soup. This time, we decided to try something new – this Thai Curry Soup made with green curry.

What fun is making soup if you don’t add your own spin? Here are the changes we made to the recipe:
1. Added a whole small bottle of green curry paste
2. Doubled the garlic
3. Added a jalapeño
4. Added extra noodles
5. Used light coconut milk instead of regular

Sensing a theme? We like lots of flavor and spice. Bam!

A note on fish sauce, which may scare you away from trying this recipe: buy some! I know it sounds frightening, but it’s the secret ingredient that makes a lot of Asian food sing. I dare you to try it, especially if you click the link and find out what it is…

But I digress. This soup lasted us for three nights worth of dinner, and we weren’t even tired of it by the end. Yum!

Until We Eat Again,
Two Happy Cooks







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