The Bagel

The Bagel and I have a history together.

When my friend Chloe and I went to Chicago fresh from college graduation to look for an apartment, we had lunch at The Bagel. The hot Matzah Ball Soup burned my throat as I took my first sip and I fainted. Not a great first experience at the deli.

I persevered, and The Bagel now holds many great memories for me. When Grandma Nancy came to visit me in the city, we went to The Bagel and she was ecstatic to have her first blintz in many years. Mike and I noshed on bagels from The Bagel as we watched the Chicago Marathon pass by a block away from my apartment. I’ve lunched and brunched there many times with my friend Laura – she even introduced me to her now fiancé there.

This weekend, we went to the north shore of Chicago for our friends Erin and Dan’s beautiful wedding. While we couldn’t make it into the city, Mike and I plus twelve of our friends went to The Bagel’s Old Orchard location. We were challenged to determine what to order because we wanted everything.

Between the twelve of us, we had lox and bagels (of course), matzah ball soup, kreplach (dumplings), corned beef, rugelach (cookies with yummy fillings), mandel bread (like biscotti) and one of us even had liver.

It was pure happiness to enjoy a big table full of good friends and all that good old fashioned deli food. It’s amazing how food can hold so many memories.

What food holds memories for you?

Until We Eat Again,
Two Happy Cooks















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