Midtown Global Market

A couple of weeks ago, I spent an evening exploring the world inside the Midtown Global Market building. The Midtown Global Market lets you frolic in the ultimate cultural playground with the convenience of a huge adjoining parking garage. Also, my friend Iuli lives there, and having visited dozens of countries, she’s officially the most worldly person I know.

If there were more Midtown Global Markets in this world, we would all be better off. Where else can you buy groceries at a bodega, eat falafel, and pick up some Swedish trinkets, Hmong handicrafts and African jewelry? You get to chose your own adventure. I am a tamale addict and opted for La Loma, and Iuli went with enchiladas from Los Ocampo. I went home with some Kinder chocolate, which reminded me of my time in Barcelona.

After dinner, with a couple of Salty Tart cupcakes in tow, we went up to Iuli’s hopelessly chic condo. She has it all – postcard views of downtown Minneapolis, really high ceilings, an industrial loft vibe, and amazing art from her travels all over the world. It was the perfect setting for catching up and watching a good old fashioned chick flick.

Where do you go to explore?

Until We Eat Again,
Two Happy Cooks











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