Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Friday night, we had a progressive dinner with our neighbors Rajshri and Ashish and their two boys. It was the perfect occasion to make a cake. (Really, what isn’t?)

While the boys broke boards at the local dojo, Rajshri and Ashish wined and dined us with a variety of Indian delicacies. Among our faves: Veg Pakoda – delicious fried goodies with tamarind and green chutney dipping sauces, paneer butter masala in a gorgeous golden sauce, chole – chick pea curry, and roti – whole wheat tortilla lookalike served with clarified butter. We’re lucky to have such nice and hospitable neighbors who are also great cooks!

For dessert, we came back to our place for some Pumpkin Dream Cake. This is a fantastic cake that is made infinitely better by the cinnamon maple frosting. I got to try out a new technique of applying a crumb coat which makes the cake look extra clean and pretty.

The process was fun – now I want to make more layer cakes. Have a good one we should try?

Until We Eat Again,
Two Happy Cooks







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