Happy Birthday-versary-ukkah

Reporting live from Muskogee, Oklahoma… The Stolpers have convened for a celebration to end all celebrations.

The list of occasions includes:
Aunt Sally Jo’s birthday (yesterday)
Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Phil’s 58th anniversary (today)
First night of Hanukkah (today)
Grandpa Phil’s 95th Birthday (Dec. 20)
Nathan earning his Eagle Scout

Lots of schmoozing goes down at any Stolper gathering. Topics tonight included hearing what everyone learned from working at Grandpa Phil’s store, and The Sound of Music. It is being broadcast live on Thursday, and we all gathered around the tube to watch a special “making of” tonight. Certain members of the family couldn’t get close enough to the screen, and couldn’t contain their excitement.

Grandma Nancy made an amazing brisket starring liquid smoke – recipe below. Aunt Susie’s latkes were crisp and delicious, and Angie made a killer cheese dip that will undoubtedly make a future appearance on Two Happy Cooks.

Until We Eat Again,
Two Happy Cooks









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