Birthday Dim Sum

You walk into an unmarked space in a strip center in north Minneapolis. You are greeted by the Michael Jackson pandora station, vaguely Asian table lamps mounted near the ceiling on the walls, and chefs with carts.

Where are you? Umami by Travail, a pop up Dim Sum concept by some of Minneapolis’s most creative chefs. The food at all of their restaurants is modernist, surprising, playful, artfully crafted and always jaw-droppingly delicious. Not only that, but the atmosphere is as casual and unpretentious as you could ever hope for.

For two $40 tickets, we got a never-ending parade of 17 outrageous dim sum dishes served to us by “Jer Bear” and friends pushing carts. Some of our favorites were chicken lollipops, pork ribs in homemade BBQ sauce, steamed pork buns and soft boiled egg on avocado with crunchy dehydrated garlic. Mike had to pull me away from the pot de creme before my face became stuck inside the jar.

This Dim Sum was the perfect birthday celebration and kick off to our 30s. Can’t wait for all the adventures that await us!

Until We Eat Again,
Two Happy Cooks








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