The Situation: You’re assigned dessert for a holiday party with 20+ guests occurring in a week and a half.

The Challenge: Make something that 1. Freezes well; 1a. Does not need to be decorated; and 2. Is finger food, because that’s what gets eaten at parties.

My Approach: Bark.

First up was a recipe similar to chocolate matzah, which is so addictive it should probably be a banned substance. I made two variations of Chocolate Brittle Surprise – one with sea salt, one with chopped pecans. Sea salt was the clear winner.

Second up was some traditional Peppermint Bark. There’s something I really like about making a nice even sheet of candy and then erratically breaking it to bits. I also got to pound candy canes with a meat mallet, so this was overall quite a satisfying experience.

Our freezer is stocked with 4 big bags of bark – mission accomplished.

There is no right answer to the challenge… What would you do?

Until We Eat Again,
Two Happy Cooks








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