Disney Magic

We had a blast channeling our inner kid at Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Epcot this weekend. Yes, we’re 30 and no, we don’t have children, but when we found out Mike had a work trip to Orlando, we figured why not visit the most magical place on earth? Of all the adorable, educational, entertaining, fun and creative Disney experiences we had, here are our top 10:

10. Club Cool
What’s that? An all-you-can-drink sampling station of sodas from around the world? We’re in! Our favorites were the green ones, including Thailand’s Melon Frosty Fanta and South Africa’s Bibo. Sponsored by Coca-Cola, Club Cool is blatant product placement done right.

9. Cronut
It’s true, Disney Parks really are Where Dreams Come True. We’ve been wanting to try this donut-croissant hybrid for months, and we finally got the chance at Epcot. It is absolutely worth the hype – try one if you get the chance.

8. Mickey’s Philharmagic
We were intrigued by the “4D” feature of this musical show… “What is the 4th D?” We wondered. Turns out it’s things like water and air. We loved being transported to our childhood while jamming to our favorite Disney tunes.

7. Captain EO
Wow – this was a mind-blowing show: Michael Jackson meets Star Wars meets early 3D technology, coming together in an ultimate ’80s feast for the senses. I could not stop smiling.

6. Restaurant Marrakesh
We had dinner in the Morocco section of the World Showcase. We enjoyed a Disney-fied, PG belly dancing performance while trying new things like delicious Moroccan wine and a sweet meat pastry. Like the rest of the World Showcase, the architecture, decor and people are all from the actual country. Awesome.

5. Haunted Mansion Classic Disney Magic. How could you not love boarding a “doom buggy” and entering Disney’s house of 999 happy haunts? We especially loved the ethereal dancing ghosts, not sure how they did it but it’s cool!

4. Be Our Guest
Touted as the Magic Kingdom’s best food, Be Our Guest is a Beauty and the Beast themed QSR restaurant during the day, and full service dining at night. The restaurant gets bonus points for their use of RFID – you get a “magic rose” when you order and the waiter brings the food right to your table. Very cool.

3. Teppan Edo
We are suckers for Asian food, and this Teppanyaki restaurant was no exception. Our chef has worked at Epcot since 1989 and made the tallest onion volcano I’ve ever seen. Really good food and fun experience.

2. Soarin’
Such a fun ride! You are suspended in the air as you hang glide through California. You can feel the wind rushing at your face and smell the oranges as you soar over orange groves. The simulation was very real, I dodged as an imaginary golf ball came straight at us! Only thing that could make it better is if it was narrated by Arnold himself.

1. Epcot World Showcase
We loved touring the 11 countries of the Epcot World Showcase. Some of the highlights included seeing a pearl opened in Japan, a 360 degree circle vision movie about China, a Celtic rock band in the UK and beautiful French Macaroons. Even if you’ve been to some of these countries, it’s fun to relive and we loved the celebration of the world’s cultures.

What’s your most magical Disney memory?

Until We Eat Again,
Two Happy Cooks


















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