Just Can’t Wait

From Mike, our resident smoker…

I heard the temperature was going to be over 60 this Sunday and I just couldn’t wait to get the smoker fired up.  The night before, I injected the 8 lb. brisket with beef broth to keep it moist and rubbed the meat with a rub recipe from our favorite BBQ restaurant, Oklahoma Joe’s. 

The next morning, I went to get the smoker ready. #!$&@!.  I had forgotten there was still snow … two feet deep … all the way from our house to the smoker.  Too late.  I was in too deep.  An hour of shoveling later, I started the smoker with lump hardwood charcoal, added hickory chunks, and threw on the meat.

The brisket cooked for about 4-5 hours in the smoker.  When it reached an internal temperature of 170F, I took it off the smoker and finished it in the oven.  Alli and I love brisket and this dish was great.  It was a little drier than we had hoped, so we stored the leftovers with some additional beef broth.  It was even better today.

Until we eat again,

Two Happy Cooks









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