When the Cat’s Away…

I imagine that most males resort to bachelor-like tendencies when their ladies leave town for a weekend, subsisting on takeout, cereal and cold Spaghetti-Os straight from the can. I returned from a girls’ trip to Colorado last night to find Mike spent the weekend conjuring up exotic Asian dishes and spatchcocking a chicken.

I’m told the cooking binge was inspired by a conversation with our friend Zhexin about the Shanghai Market in Hopkins. With a little help from the Wok Burner and sous chef Leanne, Mike’s pilgrimage to the promised land resulted in three incredible dishes:

1. Mongolian Beef from Rasa Malaysia

2. Twice-Cooked Pork from Serious Eats

3. Spatchcock Chicken with a secret (re: made up and not written down) Asian sauce

I had the good foodie fortune of getting to try these recipes when I got home, and they were incredible. We’re talking savory, umami, better-than-takeout good. Don’t wait until your boo leaves town to give them a whirl.

Until We Eat Again,
Two Happy Cooks







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