Clafouti aux Cerises

Clafouti aux Cerises – my mouth would rather eat it than pronounce it. It’s 50% flan, 50% pancake, 50% pudding, or 150% deliciousness.

We first tried this dessert at a dinner party at Mike’s Francophile coworker Andrew’s house. Andrew generously gave us some gorgeous, tart, fresh picked cherries from his tree this week, along with his Clafouti recipe. 

A big bowl full of cherries calls for a cherry pitter. Ours is like a hole punch but for cherries. The good news is it doesn’t count as a “unitasker” because you can also pit olives with it – another gadget you never knew you needed! If you’re trying to minimize kitchen clutter in your life, here’s a nifty list of ordinary household gadgets that can also do the trick.

This recipe is similar to the one we used. There’s nothing exotic about the ingredients – t’s just all the usual suspects: milk, cream, flour, sugar, eggs and vanilla. Don’t be alarmed when the Clafouti puffs up and cracks in the oven and then falls when you take it out – I’m told this is normal and I think it adds to its charm. Don’t forget a dusting of powdered sugar on top.

Bon Appetit!

Until We Eat Again,

Two Happy Cooks


Sweetening Cherries

Cherries in Pie Plate

With Batter




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