Smoked Salmon a la Grandma Nancy

Special note – this is our 100th post on Two Happy Cooks! Thanks for reading along 🙂 The post below is from Mike, Eater in Chief of Two Happy Cooks.

Growing up in a non-Jewish foodie family (hard not to be when your mom has a doctorate in food science), dinner was a time for the family to connect and food was the language in which we spoke and displayed our love.  Eating adventurous food was a family hobby.  Scandinavian to South American to Asian, all prepared at home better than you can get in a restaurant.

Until I met Alli, I thought I had tried just about every culture’s food.  Alli opened my eyes to the new and wonderful world of Jewish food.  Gefilte fish.  Kugel.  Strange but tasty and completely unique. Brisket. Latkes.  Lox.  Familiar but deliciously different than the pot roast, hash browns, and grilled salmon of my childhood.

As I grew closer to my new Jewish family and its many holidays, I couldn’t help but to connect most with the food traditions.  The smoked salmon is the perfect combination of the new (Jewish) and the old (BBQ/smoking) in my life.  It only gets better that it is a Stolper family recipe.  For me, Jewish culture, in all its edible and non-edible forms, enhances my appreciation of the truly diverse world we live in today.

Don’t just be satisfied with the same, take a bite of life and try something new, mash things up, and do it with those you love.

Until We Eat Again,

Two Happy Cooks

Grandma Nancy’s Smoked Salmon

Large Salmon Fillet – 3 lbs

  • Place fish in salt water overnight – skin up (3/4 cup salt to 6 cups water)
  • Next morning, pour off water & pat dry
  • Rub brown sugar on fish side only – cover well
  • Pour liquid smoke over brown sugar
  • Place fish back in refrigerator for 4 hours
  • Put fish on smoker (skin side down on grill) until internal temperature reads 140 degrees
  • Take off and enjoy with bagel, cream cheese, onions and chives
  • Or, try a tasty smoked salmon spread like this one from Ina Garten


Hand written recipeSalt


salmon with brown sugar

salmon on grill 2

finished salmon

salmon on bagel




  1. Jennie

    This is such a nice post! Mike we are so glad you are part of our family and our foodie traditions! Love, jennie

  2. Allison O.

    Congrats on your 100th post! Such a great post…that salmon looks wonderful! Keep the great good adventures coming!

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