The World’s Best Lasagna, Hacked

I set out to hack The World’s Best Lasagna. The goal: make it faster and healthier but just as lick-your-lips, curl-up-and-take-a-nap afterwards good.

Don’t get me wrong, The World’s Best Lasagna lives up to its name. It’s rich, cheesy, meaty and unquestionably delicious. However, it also requires time and patience to make sauce from scratch, and likely has more fat and calories than most people need in a day.

Here’s how to hack The World’s Best Lasagna:

Step 1: Buy, Don’t Make The World’s Best Sauce. My research led me to Rao’s – it topped many lists I consulted and is available at most grocery stores. Caveat – it costs north of $8/jar, but it was worth it. (We’re not competing for The World’s Cheapest Lasagna here…)

Step 2: Use Your Noodle. Who wants to waste time boiling lasagna noodles? We used the Barilla Oven-Ready variety, and found them to be delicious and easy.

Step 3: Lighten Up. We used lean ground beef, Italian turkey sausage, low fat ricotta and part- skim mozzarella. The finished product was still so satisfying, we didn’t miss a single calorie.

With these tweaks, The World’s Best Lasagna becomes something you can have any time. And let’s face it, we all need more lasagna in our lives.

Until We Eat Again,
Two Happy Cooks







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