Ribs Four Ways

We were so happy to welcome Sam to our family last week! Samuel Stolper Hearne was born on April 22 at 2:39 AM, weighing 5 pounds 4 oz. He is tiny, precious and we love watching him change and develop every day. Mike stayed home from work this week to help and spend time with us as we adjust to our new life with Sam.  


A few days after coming home from the hospital, Mike mentioned that he wanted to make some ribs. I looked at him with hesitation, wondering if this was the best time to embark on a multi-hour cooking project. We love ribs, he reminded me, and assured me that the process of making them would be hands-off so he would have plenty of time to help with Sam. Plus, then we would have delicious ribs for days!

I agreed and said go for it, as long as you clean up and can still help with our little monkey.

The next day, after starting the project, he mentioned that oh yea, he wasn’t just making one type of ribs. He was making four types, each with different rubs, using both the smoker and the sous vide.

In my hormonal, sleep-deprived state, I broke down to tears. How did he have time to do this when I was spending more than half of each day feeding Sam? How could he have the mental energy to devote to making a single type of ribs, let alone four?  Was I going to be a BBQ widow, left alone to care for Sam all by myself for the rest of my life?

In the end, I overreacted. The ribs were delicious. And Mike did have time to help with Sam.

More importantly, I learned that we are capable of caring for Sam and still doing the things that make us happy. I’m starting to find time each day to go for a walk, catch up with a friend on the phone, and now even write a blog post.

Here’s to the next phase, and lots of adventures with our newest addition.

Until We Eat Again,

Two Happy Cooks



  1. Jocelyn

    Alli, you are very wise new mommy! If you both make time to continue to do the things you love, the whole family will be happy. Plus, yummmmm the ribs look delish!

  2. Kate G. Byers, MS, RD

    Irrational post-partum breakdowns are the best:-) I cried for an entire afternoon because Hailey wasn’t meeting the “poop counts” the doctor said she should be. Congratulations to you and Mike – Sam is adorable and you guys are amazing!!!

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