Caramel Chicken: A Taste of Freedom

Big news from the Hearne house: We officially cut the cord with cable. This was long overdue and the reasons for ending it were almost as copious as the number of channels we never watched. Topping the list: Comcast was Mike’s sworn enemy, sucking hours of happiness from his life as he suffered through endless technical difficulties and customer service injustices. 

But, we wish Comcast well, and we’ve moved on. In our newfound cable-less freedom, we’ve explored a range of content from broadcast stations, Netflix, and a variety of Roku channels. Who needs the Food Nerwork when you have channels like BBQ Pit Lords, CopyKat Recipes and Eggcentric, an entire station where “everything about Eggs comes together.”

Among the Roku channels we enjoyed was All Recipes, where you can watch simple videos of recipe demos. That’s where we found this recipe. It’s a delicious, dark, sweet and savory sauce that you’ll want to eat again.

Until We Eat Again, 

Two Happy Cooks

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