Beatlemania Brunch

There are Beatles fans, and then there are Beatles FANS. My sister in law Katie falls into the latter category.

Her love for the Beatles began at age 12 when her older brother introduced her to the music, and has been continuous and absolute ever since. Katie won a trivia contest on a local news station in Milwaukee before the Paul McCartney concert a few years ago. She and my brother in law Jim dressed in Sargent Pepper’s costumes at their Magical Mystery Tour wedding. In short, you wish you loved anything as much as Katie loves the Beatles.

This weekend, we felt it was only appropriate to host a Beatlemania brunch in celebration Katie’s 30th birthday. It was a Beatles takeover of the Hearne house complete with Strawberry Fields, Pancakes Two Ways (All You Need is Love Pancakes and Beatles on Abbey Road Pancakes), Yellow Submarine eggs, and… bacon. Oh, and the piece de resistance, a British Invasion birthday cake.

The cake was inspired by Katie’s Union Jack dress, which has been known to get her awesome stuff at concerts like Gary Puckett’s signature on her adorable new baby blue guitar. I made a simple yellow cake with vanilla frosting, and then outlined the union jack with a tube of edible “sparkle gel.” I filled in the lines with red and blue sprinkles to create the iconic British flag.

A few words to the wise if you decide to try this at home:

  1. Embrace the Crumb Coat. Do it.
  2. Use a ruler.
  3. Use a teeny tiny spoon to apply the sprinkles – the smaller the better.

We had a blast at the Beatlemania Brunch, and hope this groovy girl has an amazing 30th Birthday!

Until We Eat Again,

Two Happy Cooks


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