Jammin’ with Sam

Last week we celebrated Sam’s first birthday! As an aspiring tambourinist, enthusiastic Music Class student and the biggest Gloria Estefan fan I’ve ever met, we felt “Jammin’ with Sam” was the only appropriate theme for the shindig.

The birthday menu was a team effort between Gaga Jennie and Grandma Leanne, and as you can see, it definitely earned the Sam stamp of approval:

As we sang and danced to Rafi and ate brunch and cupcakes, I thought to myself how lucky we are to have happy, spunky, busy, silly, curious Sam as our little man. One of the many things I’ve learned in this first year of parenthood is to truly soak up every stage because each is so special and they pass so quickly.

As I look back at Sam’s first year, I’ll happily remember the delicious hours snuggling with itty bitty newborn Sam in the baby wrap – on walks, at restaurants, or just bumming around the house. I’ll remember feeding – so much feeding… breastmilk, then formula, then oatmeal and purees, and how it took a while to convince Sam that Cheerios actually were food.  I’ll remember him jumping on books in his bouncer because his legs couldn’t quite reach the ground.  I’ll remember buying pair after pair of adorable baby shoes, and watching Sam tear them off within minutes of putting them on.  I’ll remember him sticking out his tongue, shaking tambourines and maracas, and typing on the computer. I’ll remember his first word – all done! And, I’ll remember hearing his laugh – the best sound in the whole world – at bath time, playing peek-a-boo, while knocking over piles of anything, when we sigh (Sam finds this hilarious), and when Mike puts Sam on top of his head.

Happy first birthday sweet Sam! Thank you for being you and bringing so much joy to our lives.

Until We Eat Again,

Two Happy Cooks



  1. Winki

    Wow… What a party…. Makes Mother’s Day SOOO SPECIAL! Well done “Two Happy Cooks and your cupcake”!

  2. Jennie

    It has been wonderful to have our man Sam in our lives for the past year and we look forward to many more birthday celebrations! Happy Mother’s Day to Sam’s Mom, he is very lucky to have such a terrific mom (and dad)!

  3. Richard

    Just shared with Grandma Nancy on my iPad. She loved the pictures and reading about Sam’s 1st birthday.

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