The Full English

I was intrigued when my half English husband requested a Full English Breakfast for Father’s Day.  

Mike first encountered the Full English in grad school, when he bid on a chance to try the traditional meal as cooked up by two Brits in a fundraiser. He loved how hearty and satisfying it was. He was recently reminded of it when he saw a post on Reddit and decided it would be a fun thing to do for Father’s Day.

In my mind, this meal is associated with a refined, monacled bloke in a three piece suit, consumed over The Financial Times before an appointment with his solicitor. In reality, the “fry up” is beloved by people of all walks of life, including Mike. It was my distinct pleasure to a. learn about the history and controversies surrounding this fascinating tradition, and b. make it for Mike, who is an amazing dad deserving of a good meal.

The Full English is not for the faint of appetite. After a bit of research, I learned there are a multitude of critical elements I would be making:



Blood Sausage (we skipped this…)


Beans (more on that below…)



Toast and/or fried bread

A spot of tea, obviously
About the beans… Unless you’re making them from scratch, they must be Heinz, apparently. They come in a tomato sauce and I’m told that they “anchor the meal.” Who am I to judge?
Mike was truly appreciative of the breakfast, especially enjoying his buttery English muffin with strawberry jam. Only time will tell if this age old traditional breakfast will make another Father’s Day appearance in the Hearne house. 

Until We Eat again,

Two Happy Cooks

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