Labor Day Feast

There’s a micro-season I had never experienced before I moved to Minnesota. The ten days ending with Labor Day are special here, filled with State Fair visits, family outings and festivities all with a single purpose: making the most of every last moment of summer. This year I’m feeling it even more as Sam gets ready to start his new school tomorrow. Wow, we already have a 16-month old kid! Unbelievable.

And so, to do our part for the cause, and because we love this stuff, we hosted a Labor Day Feast.

For some unknown reason, both Mike and I have recurring fantasies about feeding people abundant amounts of mind-blowing food. For Mike, it comes in the form of meat. Mike fires up our smoker nearly every weekend in the summer, so he’s been training for an occasion such as this for quite some time. Mike’s BBQ was seriously brilliant, and there was a lot of it: a 17-pound brisket, 3 racks of ribs and a whole mess of chicken wings. Bravo, Mike!
For me, it’s all about dessert.  A. I love sweets and B. Baking makes me feel like I’ve created a mini work of art that people get to enjoy. Day dreaming about dessert, as I often do, I had an idea to make a Pie Bar with one pie for each color of the rainbow: Cherry, Peach, Lemon Meringue, Key Lime, Blueberry and Blackberry. Yes, it sounds crazy, but it seemed like an appropriately awesome way to close out the summer. Henceforth, we will affectionately refer to this incident as Piemageddon. Peach and Key Lime were the crowd favorites.

Our amazing friends brought their adorable kiddos, incredible side dishes and even helped with the cleanup. How did we get so lucky?

The Labor Day Feast was a great excuse to get together with our good friends and squeeze just a few more delicious moments out of summer.

For all you Minnesotans, good luck with the first day of school tomorrow!

Until We Eat Again,

Two Happy Cooks


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