Bake America Cake Again

Yesterday, millions of people worldwide joined peaceful protests at Women’s Marches in 500 US cities and on all seven continents. Experts are calling it the largest peaceful demonstration in US history.

The magic of social media has allowed me to see my friends and acquaintances in the Twin Cities and around the country with their frickin’ awesome homemade signs participating in the demonstrations. It was powerful and inspiring to see so many amazing people I knew and didn’t know letting their voices be heard.

I didn’t make it to the march in St. Paul, but I was feeling the need to express my support. So, my protest sign comes in the form of this cake. For me, it symbolizes diversity, unity and love, three things that I’m feeling the need to embrace. I brought it to a little NFL playoff gathering today with some of our close friends. I wish I could have given a slice to each person who participated in the marches.

The cake itself is the best classic yellow layer cake I’ve found, appropriately coming from America’s Test Kitchen. This recipe just works – perfect texture, flavor and bakes evenly with no mounds in the middle. I frosted it with an equally simple and impeccable Buttercream Frosting. The heart is made from Nerds ropes.

Speaking of politics and cake, I must share this trivial but poignant story about the cake Trump cut at the inaugural ball. Best use of puns of any article I’ve ever read.

Credit to the Vanilla Bean Blog for the title of this post and one of my favorite hashtags ever.

#LoveTrumpsHate. #BakeAmericaCakeAgain.

Two Happy Cooks


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