Some Like It Hot

Some like it cold, and Some Like It Hot. 

This weekend was legendary – it will go down as that time it hit 60 degrees in February in Minnesota. Mike and his crew  wanted nothing to do with it, having planned a trip to Lake Mille Lacs for Beer Club On Ice. They headed north where it was still cold enough for ice fishing. Between five guys, they brought no fewer than 110 beers to “The Silver Bullet.” For those of you who are concerned, I’m told they didn’t drink them all, and Mike arrived home in one piece. They also caught a 25 inch Walleye – awesome!

Meanwhile, back in civilization, my parents came to visit from Kansas City and we had a near-perfect day. The sun was shining, Sam slept past six and we had some seriously good food. We visited Cecil’s Deli in St. Paul for some pastrami, latkes and general amazingness. I had a house special called “Some Like it Hot” – pastrami and pepper cheese toasted on pumpkernickel bread. It was truly spectacular. We liked it so much we picked up all the ingredients to recreate it at home the next day.

At Cecil’s, my parents also introduced me to something called an Egg Cream, which contains neither eggs nor cream. It’s a special deli drink made with u-bet chocolate sauce, whole milk and club soda. Again, it was such a hit we picked up ingredients to have more egg creams later in the weekend.

Whether you like it cold or hot, hope you had a great weekend too.

Until We Eat Again,

Two Happy Cooks


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