Unicorn Hamentaschen

My Instagram feed has recently exploded with an array of magical images of Unicorn foods– hot chocolate, cakes, pancakes, you name it. Being a person who a) loves color, b) loves sugar and c) LOVES sprinkles, I’m 100% on board with this ridiculous food trend. I thought to myself last week, what better dessert to embrace the Unicorn craze than the humble Hamentaschen?

​​This is not the Hamentaschen’s first appearance on Two Happy Cooks. As you may recall from our previous Rainbow Hamentaschen post, Purim falls into the Jewish holiday category loosely entitled, “They tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat!” Purim is the Jewish version of Halloween, filled with costumes, parties for both kids and hammered Israeli college students, and of course, sweets.

Hamentaschen is the iconic Purim cookie. Its dough is notoriously kind of blah. I felt it needed some unicorn-izing.

I started with this classic buttery dough recipe from Tori Avery. I filled the cookies with different jams (go team apricot) and Nutella. And then the fun part began – the unicorn-izing of the hamentaschen. I bought some microwaveable candy melt, swirled in some food coloring and dipped one side of each hamentaschen. Add a few sprinkles and voila – Unicorn Hamentaschen.

Sam, Mike and I had fun celebrating Purim – holidays seem to be more fun with a kiddo. Sam loved his first bouncey house experience at the Temple Israel Purim carnival. Our friend Hailey even made an appearance in the Star Tribune – check her out on slide 5!

Until We Eat Again,

Two Happy Cooks


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