Fired up that Sam is 2!

Look out world, Sam is officially two!

We have a car-obsessed, tantrum-throwing, picky-eating, 5-AM waking, playground-loving two year old on our hands.  We go to bed every night thinking it would be impossible to love him more, but wake up every day to be proven wrong.

We marked the occasion with a visit to Plymouth Fire Station No. 3 to see the firefighters and fire trucks with some of Sam’s friends and family. Firefighter Anne taught us all how to dial 911 and crawl like puppies when there’s a fire. That made Sam’s safety-conscious grandparents very happy. We got to sit inside some fire trucks! That made Sam and his friends very happy. And then we came home and had meatballs from Firehouse Subs. That made Sam’s daddy verrrry happy.

Sam loves to talk about the new car he got for his birthday, and spent at least 3 hours on Saturday playing with his new car transport truck. 

We’ve all grown a lot in the last 2 years. Sam can’t wait to show these terrible twos who’s boss.

Until We Eat Again,

Two Happy Cooks

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