I’m a native Kansas Citian and a recent Minneapolitan.  I love books, travel, learning, and food.  If I had to live on three foods for the rest of my life, they would be Oklahoma Joe’s ribs, brie, and peanut M&M’s.


I’m a native Minnesotan. I love the same things as Alli. If I had to live on three foods for the rest of my life, they would be steak, bleu cheese, and diet coke.

Our Story

We met at Indiana University walking to a meeting for the Honors College on campus one day. We said hello and started to talk. As it turned out, Mike wasn’t in the Honors College… but we became great friends. Alli coerced Mike into fixing her computer, which took hours and we became even better friends. Two years later, Mike asked Alli out on “a date.” The rest is history.

Mike proposed in a hot air balloon in Napa Valley. We were married in Kansas City in June, 2011.

Two Happy Cooks

Our lives revolve around food. Mike comes from a foodie family – his mom has a Ph.D. in Food Science, his brother is a chef, and the entire family loves to do anything involving food. Alli has always loved food too – from a young age, she always got very excited at feeding time. We both work at food companies – Mike at Land O’Lakes and Alli at General Mills. Opinions on this blog are our own.

We started this blog to share our stories through food.



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