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Pizza on the Barbie

Tonight was theoretically supposed to be book club night. However, due to a series of unfortunate events, 0% of us read the whole book, and only 3/17 girls were able to come (including me, the host). I mostly blame myself for choosing The Last Original Wife – a book that despite its 4 ½ stars ended up being nearly impossible to get into. Oh well, they can’t all be winners.

The good news is that the three of us had a lovely evening eating, chatting and soaking up the momentarily perfect Minnesota weather on the patio. And, the lack of attendance meant more pesto baby bellas, artichoke parmesan crostini, watermelon feta salad and grilled pizza for us.

Grilled pizza has been on my “must try” list for a while. Being a loyal Mills employee, I turned to Pillsbury’s tutorial that we used as our guide. I’d say we got 2 of 3 critical steps right on the first try.

1. I was able to turn the grill on by myself – win!

2. Thanks to copious amounts of oil, the pizza dough didn’t stick to anything that it wasn’t supposed to stick to – double win!

3.  Due to my lack of spatial reasoning, I kind of missed the center of the grill grate, causing the dough to cook unevenly and fall apart as we flipped it… fail.


Luckily, we had an extra roll of dough on our hands and Mike came home just in the nick of time. We repeated steps 1 and 2, fixed step 3 and had a winner. The dough came out with beautiful grill marks and had a nice naan-like consistency, which was really tasty when covered with fresh tomatoes, basil and gooey mozzarella.


The other recipes were good too, but I have to put in an extra plug for that watermelon feta salad – it was a nice change of pace from regular salads. It had a killer citrus vinaigrette, sweet watermelon, crumbly feta cheese and was overall very refreshing.




Until We Eat Again,

Two Happy Cooks